Protupožarne kapije

Kapije sa šarkama

Gate made of metal, revolving on a vertical axis, fully galvanized and painted with a base coat. Comes with latch mechanism, cylinder, handle, door-closer, closing regulator.


  • EI2 60, EI2 90 and EI2 120 standard 1634-1: with single leaf or double leaves
  • REI 120 standard UNI 9723: with single leaf or double leaves


Gates with block frame: for masonry walls, use plugs inside the span and corner steel outside the span (to be specified while ordering)


Door leaf

Leaf unit made of continuous modules of hollow-core sheet metal panels insulated with appropriate materials, without lower rebate. Nr. 2 extrastrong hinges for each leaf.


Door frame

Made of galvanize “L”-shaped hollow metal profiles for gates with block frame



Nr. 2 extra-strong hinges.



Thermo-expansive, inserted into the leaf rebate.


Door handle

Accident-prevention shape, made of stainless steel with a double lever with return spring and set of plates. Handle height = 1050 mm.



CE marked lock with cylinder to pass. Inactive leaf: “Flush-bolt” lock for automatic upper and lower blocking of the leaf.



Leaf unit on disposable metal container.

Door closer

One door closer per leaf to ensure the self-closing of gates.


Closing regulator

To ensure automatic closure of two-leaved fire rated gates, a closing regulator is mandatory. The two-leaved gates door series, therefore, is provided with a closing regulator, equipped with feed-in impact absorber and all mechanical functioning, mounted visibly on the door frame. Silver-colored galvanized finishing, for on-site installation.


Coil spring

For gates with block frame.
Coil spring (3) for large sized leaves to reinforce the door closer, with mechanical functioning and positioned high up on the hinge-side of the leaf (pull-side of the door). The steel tension cable is attached to the cross beam of the door frame. Finished in the same color as the door leaf (except for replacements).